Project Features:

eLearning for the Education Industry with 7ALENAHA Virtual Class Room

It makes sense. Whereas for any other industry eLearning is a means to train its people in performing their job, for the learning industry eLearning is the online version of its core.

eLearning has been adopted by enterprises and organizations, large and small, in all kinds of industries. But it was the learning industry, including traditional educational establishments, which first embraced eLearning.

Whether it’s a large university such as MIT or a local school, embracing eLearning and investing in a modern learning management system such as 7alenaha, is a non-brainer.

  • It’s a natural fit, as you already have expertise in offering courses
  • It gives you access to a huge market for quality, lower-cost education
  • It enables you to leverage your brand-name
  • It extends your reach to students that can’t be physically present due to distance or time constraints
  • It enriches your traditional classes with supplementary material
  • It’s cheap to deploy and easy to scale to hundreds of thousands of learners

Feature 01

Virtual Class Room

Go live by end of day

Use your existing training materials or build courses from scratch. Either way, you’ll go live 2x faster than the category average and share your courses today.

Connect face-to-face, even when apart

Host virtual training sessions right on the platform. Integrate with videoconferencing tools like Zoom, and keep your training personal.


Feature 02

Question Bank

You can use the questions in question bank repeatedly in the exams of your choice. The Exam Editor allows you to quickly access your question bank and select the questions you want to add to anywhere in the exam. In this sense, the use of question bank allows you to prepare quick exams while reducing your possibility of making mistakes.

Creating an Automatic Exam from Question Bank

You can randomly select 50 questions out of 200 questions you choose from the question bank and then create an automatic exam with 10 questions on each page.


Feature 03


  • Create an unlimited number of custom tests and lessons that can be administered to any number of people.
  • Create lessons and learning sessions for tests, or organize them into a course
  • Build, manage and save question banks for future testing
  • Administer and proctor tests at the user level, groups level, or through prerequisites
  • Receive rich data reporting on all activity directly to your inbox
  • Secure servers and controlled user permissions protect test material, personal information and test results.

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